Oia Compound New Administrative Capital

Oia Compound New Administrative Capital

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Oia Compound New Administrative Capital

Oia Compound New Administrative Capital

Welcome To New Capital Island “Oia”

Oia New Capital is an integrated residential compound with services, and it is one of the most important projects located in the heart of New Administrative Capital because it attracts the attention of investors and customers and provides the greatest amount of luxury and comfort; its name had a special meaning as it was chosen to resemble the name of a village on the island of Santorini in Greece, and the project is designed in the same shape as that village; Which makes it as an island located in the heart of New Capital.

Oia New Capital has been built on a space of ​​30 acres, equivalent to 18,000 square meters, and the residential buildings in it are only 40 buildings with a total number of 1245 units, occupying 20% ​​of the total area, while the remaining space is dedicated to various services, green spaces, water nature, and recreational means.

The compound is a distinguished architectural edifice with the latest international models, unique designs, and the finest building materials, and the privacy aspect within the compound was taken into account by separating the units, as the minimum distance between each unit is 27 square meters, and each one overlooks the most beautiful scenic landscapes.

The Special Location Of The Compound
The project is located in a wonderfully strategic location in New Administrative Capital, specifically in the seventh district, R7, the most prestigious area in the region, and overlooks four main roads that facilitate access from all directions; This is in addition to its distance from the sources of pollution and congestion within the cities.

The most important features of the location are as follows:

It is located on the Mohammed bin Zayed axis and is close to Sokhna Road.
The compound overlooks the Green River and the government district.
The project can be reached within 10 minutes from New Administrative Capital Airport.
It is about 15 minutes from the Presidential Palace.
It is located near the new ring road.
It is close to the most famous university in Cairo, the British University, which provides great educational services to its residents.
It is a short distance from Al sefarat district, the cathedral church, and the Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque.
Thus, “Oia New Capital” is considered the best for those wishing to live and invest in New Administrative Capital, as it fulfills all the needs they are looking for.
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